Urząd Miejski w Strzelcach Opolskich
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Area of the commune farm lands is 11.841 ha, which is 58,5% of total area. Arable lands of 9.828 ha, are 83,5% of farm lands, meadows and pastures - 1.943 ha (15,7%). 49,2% farm lands is V and VI soil valuation class, therefore 60,9% of arable lands is good and very good rye cultivation type and only 30,5% is good and satisfactory wheat cultivation type. Currently, after liquidation of horse stables, private farmers cultivate 93,7%, of land, Farmers Co-operative- 3,2% and private partnerships - 3,5% of total farm lands area.

There is 6.042 ha of woods, i.e. 29,2% of the total area of commune which is the country average.

On the basis of greatly varied natural and soil conditions in the commune, it can be divided into three basic production regions:

Private farms are quite well equipped, with the following machines: 935 tractors, 215 combine- harvesters, 105 potato harvesters, 75 sugar beet harvesters, 180 baling presses for hay, 180 spraying machines.

Currently there are over 980 farmers active: 19 of them run farms of over 75 ha area.

Water supply:
All villages are connected to water supply network. Water supply network with connections to house is 163,7 km, long and there are 9 portable water intakes.

Land melioration:
212 ha of pastures and 774 ha of arable land have drainage. Total length of ditches and natural flows is 171 km.